My Story

Why Scentsy?  As many of my lifelong friends and family can attest to ~ I have always loved candles.  I can still remember ones I had growing up:  a real Coca Cola glass with candle wax inside that mimicked the soda, ice, and straw, realistic sundaes and floats, animal shaped candles, and the list goes on.  Over the years, I progressed to grown up candles, Yankee, Party Lite, Bath and Body Works; reveling in the aroma and ambience that candles provide. 

In 2000, while stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army, my sister and I took our first trip to Poland ~ a "polish pottery" shopping adventure.  After my seventh jaunt to Poland, I acknowledged my "addiction" for pottery; and not just polish pottery, but for all kinds of ceramics.  I have often told others, that certain ceramic patterns/shapes just make me happy when I see them.

Needless to say, when I attended my very first Scentsy event, I was immediately captivated.  I signed up to become a consultant a few weeks later.  I am ecstatic to be involved with a product line that I can be truly passionate about.  I am equally delighted to share this passion with you.  How awesome to know that I will play a part in bringing so many homes the joy of beautiful ceramics, delightful scents, and the ambience these warmers emanate.  ENJOY and BUY, HOST, or JOIN!!

Bonnie Buckhalt
Superstar Independent Scentsy Consultant
We Make Perfect Scents